Cryobiology Facility

The CryoMed CRF is a GMP-compliant benchtop freezing unit that controls the cooling rate within the chamber and sample. It freezes samples at different cooling rates over a period of time to protect cells from undercooling and intracellular ice formation.


  • Achieves a uniform cooling rate of 1C per minute, preventing cellular damage
  • Includes predefined and customizable freeze profiles
  • Fully integrated freezer chamber, microprocessor control and printer allow users to input and modify freezing profiles
  • Contains air-handling and LN2 injection ring system, and dual solenoid valves for precise temperature control and uniformity
  • Equipped with a Java-based PC software for remote profile design and operation
  • Chamber and sample temperatures are monitored by Type T thermocouples, providing real time responsiveness and reliable temperature performance


The CryoMed allows cell therapy products to slowly reach -85C while protecting from intracellular freezing. Immediately placing samples into a cryogenic tank makes them susceptible to death and damage due to the formation of ice crystals during freezing. For this reason, storing product in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solution and freezing in a controlled rate freezer prior to cryopreservation reduces intracellular ice formation.

CryoExtra High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage System –

The ThermoFisher cryogenic tank is supplied with liquid nitrogen to maintain temperatures below -130°C for ultimate stability and long-term viable storage of cells. It is used to store cell lines, cell therapies, and valuable samples for over a year.