Stem Cell Lab Culture & Sorting

The ability to sort pure populations of immune cells is a critical tool for immunologists. Traditionally, multi-parameter, droplet-based cell sorters have been used to isolate cells for downstream analyses. The utility of these instruments is undeniable, and they have allowed for a plethora of important advances in a wide variety of fields. However, they have inherent limitations. First, there is a level of cell loss that is not easily, if at all, controlled. This can require the use of additional animals to compensate for loss. Second, depending on the size of the target cell population, the time required to collect that population can be limiting for additional analyses. Lastly, there is the propensity for the generation of aerosols during the sorting process

Cell sorters group and divide cells into populations based on their intra- and extracellular properties. Doing so allows researchers to isolate pure populations of cells from a heterogenous cell suspension. The Tyto is a benchtop cell sorter that offers a closed system for flow cytometric sorting using 10 parameters in a single-use, disposable cartridge. It utilizes a specialized microchip in the cartridge for high-speed and fully sterile sorting.