Dr. Yandy Marx Castillo-Aleman, MD

Clinical Immunology Specialist


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Immunologist with experience in the clinical assessment related to the Sanitary Registry of drugs, clinical trials with biologicals, and GCPs requirements. Interested in apheresis practices, including therapeutic and productive apheresis, and the conduction of clinical trials on stem cell therapies & Regenerative Medicine

Clinical expertise :

  • Apheresis practices
  • Cellular collection by apheresis
  • Extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP)
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE, plasmapheresis)
  • Diagnosing, managing, and following up on different immunological disorders
  • Therapeutic erythrocytapheresis (Red blood cell exchange -RBCx, RBC depletion/exchange, and RBC depletion procedures)
  • Planning and conduction of clinical trials with biological products

Fluent in (Language Spoken) :

  • Spanish
  • English

Patient population served (Age group)