ADSCC plans to employ 1,000 people in next 5 years

The Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre (ADSCC), a specialist healthcare centre, has announced its plans to employ 1,000 citizens over the next five years in administrative and medical roles, as well as to train Emirati medical cadres.

The centre also declared its plan to enlarge the scope of its programmes to attract and develop Emirati talent and provide further professional opportunities for citizens in various sectors around the country, reported Emirates News Agency WAM.

Under the framework of the ADSCC’s contribution to the Nafis programme launched by the UAE Government, the centre affirmed its commitment to launching a range of initiatives that will focus on the professional development of national cadres and motivating them to work in the private sector.

The programme will assist private sector institutions in supporting the "The Projects of the 50" initiative on a national level.