Interview with Dr. Fatima Mohammed Al Kaabi, Director of ADBMT program, Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center (ADSCC)

Delivering cutting-edge stem cell research

Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC) prides itself on the personalized journey it can offer patients. The center focuses on patient safety and care with the pursuit of transforming patient lives by using advanced technologies not only for clinical application but also for advanced research.

In an interview, Dr. Fatima Mohammed Al Kaabi, Director of ADBMT program, ADSCC, said: “Through our internationally recognized multidisciplinary clinical and research teams; our highly specialized center offers cutting-edge technology in translational medicine. The complete solution for cell therapy can be provided, from harvesting, isolation, characterization, storage, and infusion to delivery. At ADSCC, your treatment is tailored for you through a ‘bench-to-bedside’ approach making it precise and personal for you.”

During the peak of the pandemic, Dr. Al Kaabi led a research effort to develop a stem cell treatment for coronavirus symptoms, called UAECell19, patented and developed by ADSCC. The treatment, currently in its clinical trial phase, has proven to alleviate symptoms such as shortness of breath and coughing by extracting COVID-19 stem cells and turning them into a fine mist to be inhaled. Excerpts:

What are you showcasing at Arab Health 2022?

The first-of-its kind in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based in Abu Dhabi, ADSCC is a highly specialized healthcare center focused on cell therapy and regenerative medicine technique as well as delivering cutting-edge research on stem cell and cellular therapies in the region.

ADSCC was founded in March 2019 to meet growing domestic and regional demand for highly specialized medical services and treatments. ADSCC is equipped with the latest technologies, medical devices, which are unique to the region, and a team of internationally recognized doctors who work hand-in-hand with researchers.

A key theme this year is healthcare transformation. What does healthcare transformation mean to you?

Healthcare transformation to us is focusing our delivery of care towards a patient centric approach which goes with our vision.

ADSCC aspires to become the internationally recognized center for treatment and research in cell therapy for the MENA region and the world. It is working towards making personalised care available to the citizens of the UAE, using innovative strategies in cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

To what extent will emerging health technologies such as AI, IoT and big data influence your business priorities?

Technology such as AI is the pivot of change to more accurate precision medicine. We are one of the first using this technology in our centres. Our major areas of focus are pharmacogenomics and imaging.

As the world continues to pull out of the pandemic, are there any challenges still faced by your business, and how are you addressing these?

Challenges are across the nation – we try to mitigate through them by deploying technology in forms of virtual medicine and virtual learning as well.

What will your business be prioritising in ‘post-pandemic’ times?

We focus on our mission – to improve people’s lives worldwide by pioneering cutting-edge research, the clinical application of cell therapy and regenerative medicine techniques in the UAE.

How important is the resumption of international travel to your business?

Since we have a large base of partnership internationally, this is crucial to recover.