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Dr. Yendry Ventura Carmenate,General Manager and Specialist in Immunology

Dr. Yendry Ventura Carmenate

General Manager and Specialist in Immunolo...

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Dr. John D. Phillips,Head of Research and Innovation

Dr. John D. Phillips

Head of Research and Innovation...

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Dr. Antonio A. Bencomo-Hernández,Head of Laboratory and Advanced Technology

Dr. Antonio A. Bencomo-Hernánd

Head of Laboratory and Advanced Technology...

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Dr. Yandy Marx Castillo-Aleman, MD,Clinical Immunology Specialist

Dr. Yandy Marx Castillo-Aleman, MD

Clinical Immunology Specialist

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Dr. Rene Antonio Rivero Jimenez,Senior Scientific Researcher

Dr. Rene Antonio Rivero Jimenez

Senior Scientific Researcher

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Dr. Loubna Abdel Hadi,Senior Research Scientist and Biochemist

Dr. Loubna Abdel Hadi

Senior Research Scientist and Biochemist...

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