Dr. Anna Elganzory


Degrees:  Bachelors Faculty of Medicine (MED) Ain Shams University, Egypt. Master Degree Anesthesiology Ain Shams University. Doctorate, Faculty of Medicine (MD) Anesthesia, Intensive care and Pain management Ain Shams University. European Diploma of Anesthesia & Intensive care (EDAIC) Belgium.

Designation: Specialist, Anesthesiology

Department:  Anesthesiology & Pain Management  


Arabic English

Experience: 9 Years

Dr. Anna Elganzory is a dedicated Specialist Anesthesiologist with more than 9 years of experience, committed to delivering top-tier patient care. She collaborates closely with each patient to craft tailored anesthesia plans, prioritizing individual needs, safety, and comfort throughout the process.She ensures patients are well-informed about their anesthesia choices, taking the time to discuss risks, benefits, and encouraging active participation in their care through open dialogue and question-based discussions.


  • General and regional anesthesia
  • Central line and arterial line insertion
  • Pain relief during and after procedures
  • Patient monitoring

Licenses and Memberships

Ministry of Health, Egypt

DHA, Anesthesia Specialist

DOH, Anesthesia Specialist

Professional Experience

Ain Shams University Hospitals


Anesthesia resident

Anesthesia Specialist

Anesthesia Consultant