Dr. Hind Ali


Degrees:  Medicine bachelor and bachelor of surgery. The National Ribat Universty , Khartoum , Sudan

Designation: General Practitioner

Department:  General Pediatrics  


Arabic English

Experience: 8 Years

Dr. Hind is a dedicated General Practitioner with specialized expertise in Emergency Medicine. With a strong background in providing urgent medical care, she has honed her skills in diagnosing and managing a wide range of acute conditions. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a commitment to patient well-being, prioritizing timely and effective interventions in high-pressure situations. Her comprehensive approach to emergency medicine, coupled with her compassionate bedside manner, has earned her the trust and respect of both patients and colleagues alike. Dr. Hind is driven by a passion for delivering quality healthcare and remains dedicated to making a positive impact in emergency medicine.


  • Venous and arterial sampling.
  • Nasogastric tube insertion.
  • Central line and Canula insertion.
  • Urinary catheterization.
  • Umbilical catheterization.
  • CPAP and mechanical ventilator.
  • Interpretation endotracheal intubation.
  • ECG interpretion.
  • ABG interpretion.
  • Assessment, resuscitation and stabilization of medically critically ill patients.
  • Stabilization, resuscitation and emergency management of patients.

Licenses and Memberships

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Basic Life Support

Prehospital Trauma Life Support

Professional Experience

General practitioner

VIP Doctor, DMACC, Dubai , UAE

General practitioner

Dar al- Elaj Specialized Hospital

General practitioner (NICU).

Al ribat University Teaching Hospital

General Practitioner (Emergency Medicine)

Alamal specialized hospital , Sudan

General Practitioner (Emergency Medicine)

Alfouad Specialized hospital , Sudan

General Practitioner (department of pediatric)

Al ribat University Teatching Hospital