Dr. Mohamad Kilpadi


Degrees:  Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), Pediatric Emergency Medicine course (PEMC)

Designation: Specialist, Pediatric ICU

Department:  Pediatric Intensive Care  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit  


English Hindi Kannada Malayalam Tulu Urdu

Experience: 9 Years

Dr. Mohamad Kilpadi is a highly qualified Pediatric Specialist with an extensive educational and professional background. He obtained his MBBS from Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore, followed by a DNB in Pediatrics and a two-year Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care from Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. With a wealth of experience, including roles at prestigious medical institutions, he excels in management of Sick children admitted to the ICU with complicated and life threatening conditions like Sepsis, Shock, ARDS, Seizures, Traumatic Brain injury). Dr. Mubeen's dedication to continuous learning is demonstrated through his participation in conferences, workshops, and continuous medical education programs. He is multilingual and believes in teamwork, reliability, and self-improvement, making him a valuable specialist in Pediatric Intensive Care Units.


  • Pediatric emergencies
  • Difficult Airway management
  • Ultrasound-guided central line insertion
  • Shock resuscitation
  • Neonatal and pediatric office (OPD) practice
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  • Bedside screening: Echo/Lung Ultrasound
  • Central line insertion: femoral/subclavian/IJV

Licenses and Memberships

HAAD License

Member of organizing committee Kerala Neocon2012

Karnataka Medical Council registration

Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care

Professional Experience

Pediatric Senior Resident, Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore. Karnataka


Observer, Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Neurology department in SAT hospital


Fellowship (FNB) PICU, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore


Specialist/Associate Consultant PICU, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore


Specialist PICU, Tawam Hospital


Specialist PICU, Al Jalila Children Hospital