Our Department of Neurology offers comprehensive, world-class patient-centered care through the evaluation and management of acute and chronic diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems and the neuromuscular system. Comprising a team of experienced European and American board-certified physicians, we strive for excellence and are dedicated to tailoring treatment pathways for even the most complex conditions. Equipped with advanced, cutting-edge approaches to care, we offer unparalleled neurological care that incorporates advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities.

What We Provide

Diagnostic and treatment services for a range of neurological conditions, including neuromuscular disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy, and mental health disorders

Diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Botulinum toxin treatments for movement disorders, hypersecretory disorders, and chronic migraine

Advanced therapies for Parkinson’s disease (apomorphine pump, levodopa carbidopa, intestinal infusion)

Infusions and plasmapheresis services

Neurophysiology services for all ages

Electroencephalogram (EEG) (routine, sleep recording, multiple sleep latency test)

Visual and somatosensory evoked potential tests

Diagnosis and assessment of entrapment neuropathy, peripheral nerve injuries, radiculopathies, inflammatory neuropathy, neuromuscular junctional disorders, and muscle diseases

Diagnosis and assessment of entrapment neuropathy (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy, foot drops)

Diagnosis and monitoring of peripheral nerve injuries (brachial plexus injury, traumatic nerve injury)

EMG-guided dystonia therapy

Nerve conduction studies (NCS) and needle electromyography (EMG)

Memory loss and dementia

Chronic vertigo and dizziness

Gait and balance disorders /falls

Infections of the brain and spinal cord with neurological complications

Disorders of the peripheral nerves (neuropathy)

Management of depression, anxiety, and sleep problems


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Dr. Lev Brylev

Consultant, Neurology

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Dr. Ruqqia Mir

Consultant, Neurology