Our Department of Orthopedics provides comprehensive consultation, diagnosis, and conservative and surgical treatment for orthopedic and trauma conditions. With an innovative focus on joint preservation and regenerative medicine treatments using Stem Cells, our team of European and American Board-certified physicians excels in the use of state-of-the-art treatments for a range of orthopedic conditions, allowing patients to maintain optimal health.

What We Provide

Stem Cell therapy for bone problems

PRP for bone problems

Conservative treatment for common orthopedic diseases

Joint and soft tissue injections

Cast application and removal

Wound debridement and dressing changes

Suture and staple removal


Advanced minimally invasive surgical treatments for ligament, tendon, muscle, and cartilage injuries

Treatment for bone fractures in adults and children

Management of fractures and surgical complications

Major joint replacements

Injections for pain management

Surgery for foot deformation and osteotomies

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy chronic, pre and post-surgery conditions

Sports medicine

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