Alexander Komkov

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Alexander Komkov is a distinguished researcher in molecular genetics, boasting 15 years of experience since obtaining his Master’s degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technology (now known as Russian Technological University). He furthered his academic pursuits at the same institution, earning his PhD. Dr. Komkov’s expertise in next-generation sequencing (NGS) for human clinical genetics has made substantial contributions to the field, particularly in understanding human T- and B-cell receptor repertoires, adaptive immunity genomics, human retroelements, and the genomic aspects of leukemia, clonality, minimal residual disease, and somatic genomic mosaicism in both cancerous and normal human cells and tissues.

Throughout his career, Dr. Komkov has held prominent positions, including Research Fellow and Principal Investigator at the Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and Immunology in Moscow, and Postdoctoral Researcher at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. His extensive laboratory skills, which include proficiency with Illumina MiSeq and Oxford Nanopore sequencing, RNA and DNA manipulation, library preparation, and both wet-lab and data analysis, underline his comprehensive approach to genetics research.

Dr. Komkov’s work has not only been published extensively but has also been presented at numerous conferences and supported by significant grant funding. His active engagement in scientific societies and research projects underscores his commitment to advancing genetics and its application in healthcare, cementing his reputation as a key figure in molecular genetics.