Lorenzo De Rosa

Research Scientist

Dr. Lorenzo De Rosa is a dynamic professional whose journey through the field of Medical Biotechnologies has equipped him with a diverse set of skills and experiences. Although his academic path faced some detours due to his involvement in a family-owned business, these experiences provided him with valuable insights, enabling him to excel in both collaborative team environments and independent roles. Driven by a profound desire to implement the knowledge he has gained over the years of study and work, he is now poised for a fresh career path.

Dr. De Rosa’s academic and research endeavors have made significant contributions to the scientific community. His time at the SIENA Imaging and Quantitative Neuroimaging Laboratory at the University of Siena (UNISI) involved the validation of the SIENA-XL software on longitudinal datasets from clinical trials of multiple sclerosis patients. These trials featured diverse follow-up periods and treatment plans, showcasing his aptitude for meticulous research and analysis under the guidance of Dr. Nicola De Stefano. Furthermore, his earlier research at UNISI’s Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine involved studying the expression of Junctophilin isoforms in murine tissues, working closely with Dr. Daniela Rossi. Dr. De Rosa’s impressive technical skills, ranging from cell biology techniques to a variety of software tools, underscore his dedication to advancing the field of biotechnology. His fluency in English and academic achievements, including a master’s degree in medical biotechnology and a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Siena, position him as a promising professional prepared to make substantial contributions to the field of biomedicine and beyond.