Dr. Rene Antonio Rivero Jimenez

Senior Scientific Researcher

Adjunct Associate Professor at United Arab Emirates University

Dr. Rene Antonio Rivero Jimenez is a Senior Scientific Researcher, Advisor at ADSCC, an Adjunct Associate Professor at United Arab Emirates University, and chair of the Institutional Review Board/Research Ethics Committee (IRB/REC). Graduated with a Bachelor of Microbiology from the University of Havana, Cuba and a Master of Science in Immunology from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, he became a Doctor in Health Sciences from the Havana Medical Science University (ISCMH).

Prior to joining ADSCC, he was a Senior Researcher at the Cuban Institute of Hematology and Immunology (IHI) and Principal Professor of Immunology at the ISCMH, with more than 40 years in science and technological innovation for biomedical matters, mainly in Immunology. A permanent member of the Cuban Society of Hematology; founder of the Cuban Hemophilia Society; founder and member of the National Governing Board of the Cuban Society of Immunology, acting as President of the Immunodiagnostic Section; a member of the International Society of Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT), the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), and of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS). He has been working as a member of the Editorial Committee of the Cuban Journal of Hematology, Immunology, and Blood Therapy since its foundation in 1985; he also was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Journal of Medical Sciences of CIMECA in Angola, and acting as a peer-reviewer of the Pan-American Journal of Public Health, an organ of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and of the Medical Archives of Camagüey magazine. He received postgraduate courses and training in his specialty in Cuba, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.

He has more than 140 scientific papers published in Cuba and international journals, targeting the diagnosis of primary and secondary immune deficiencies, malignant blood diseases, blood-borne infectious diseases, the blood typing monoclonal antibodies generation, and the application of stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine. He is the author of two patents (one in Cuba and the other one in UAE) and co-author of a textbook on Clinical Laboratory. He developed his teaching activity in pre-and postgraduate studies as a professor at the “Dr. Enrique Cabrera” Medical Sciences Faculty and the “Dr. Salvador Allende” Health Technology Faculty, as a member of its Academic Committee of the Degree in Clinical Bioanalysis, all faculties of the ISCMH, and also worked as a professor of courses and training for Resident Physicians in Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, and other medical specialties at the IHI, tutor of 6 Completion Works Residency and 7 Master’s Thesis. He has participated in more than 145 scientific events in Cuba, Argentina, Angola, Brazil, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Panama, Peru, Spain, The Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates. He developed international technical missions and worked outside of Cuba and in an international research project sponsored by PAHO, attending technical and scientific meetings in Managua, Nicaragua, and Washington DC, USA. He has been awarded the “30th Anniversary of the Cuban Academy of Sciences Commemorative Medal” and Distinction “For Cuban Education”. He participated as the author of a Relevant Result-Prized by the Academy of Sciences of Cuba. He obtained the National Order “Carlos J. Finlay” from the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba.