Huda Jubain

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer of ADSCC, Huda Jubain brings a deep wealth of knowledge and experience gained from her multifaceted educational background and an illustrious career in healthcare administration. Ms. Jubain earned a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management from the esteemed Johns Hopkins University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Texas.

Her credentials are matched by her formidable expertise in managing complex healthcare systems, honed over years of executive leadership. A keen strategic planner and proficient organizer, she excels in healthcare operations, procurement management, budgeting, team building and organizational development across diverse settings. She is adept at enhancing productivity and efficiency through increasingly streamlined processes, continually refining administrative and operational procedures.

A proactive communicator, Ms. Jubain serves as an effective liaison for key clients, accounts, and vital external business stakeholders. Holding direct accountability over operations, supply chain management, facility management, support services, information technology, human resources, and the project management office, she masterminds the strategies and operational tactics that drive comprehensive business improvement.